I am – like many I think – quite stunned at the recent turn of events. Not the onset of the corona virus, we – the people – all new that looked serious from early February. The recent turn of events I refer to is the realisation by our recently elected government that the NHS is special.

No longer a political football to be kicked around, or an asset to be traded post-BREXIT, they are now the institution at the heart of the nations survival. Daily government updates compound the slow but indisputable u-turn we can all witness, as the likes of Johnson, Hunt, Gove Cummings etc stop their political vanity projects and begin to try and manage the situation.

Gravity daubed walls – no doubt scribed on impulse – tell the story of a community inspired by the work of nurse’s, doctors and auxiliary staff.

I am not sure how to express it, but I have added my own typographic take on the same message: Respect for all those working for the NHS.

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