The sub-division of space on a web page is a glorious thing to ponder. The responsive landscape provides additional criteria, and high resolution screens heap further complexity on top. Where will we put the content?

I am back filling my blog at this point I should stress so the project I am describing was completed 3 years ago. In fact it is now due a face-lift because the design was a celebration model and was supposed to be re-vamped within 6 months but…

The developer who took the lead role on the project holds a PhD in Maths. They are serious and excellent at their job, but they want to know that I know what we ware trying to achieve, they do not want to know that I think I know what is happening – you with me?

To that end, I developed a simple wireframe for the project on a 12 column layout – which will collapse to 4 columns on tablet and 1 column for mobile. We are in a pre-retina world for the sake of this project. One of the important stories for the site is what we referred to as the People page: a yellow pages of our academic staff.

I had conducted workshops around the types of content that our academic colleagues would expect to find. Post nominals, theme of expertise, teaching responsibilities and community memberships.

The wireframes in this example point toward our method for creating a conversation on the subject of how the pages will achieve our objectives without committing to too much detail.

You can see the IET web site at:

I hope we get the chance to update it soon!

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