nQuire – a new homepage

Overview When nQuire was originally designed with the help of the agency Clearleft, we had some fantastic ideas about communicating it to its intended audience, but for many reasons the site homepage was scaled back to such an extent it became unclear what nQuire was for. As a result, the resources we made available to … Continue reading “nQuire – a new homepage”

Reimagining Accessible Education

The ADMINS project has developed a chatbot to see if the technology can improve the way students disclose information about disability or health conditions. We named our chatbot Taylor. The project was sponsired by Microsoft and built using their Azure technologies. You can read what they had to say here: https://blogs.microsoft.com/accessibility/ai4aedugrants2021/ As design consultant on … Continue reading “Reimagining Accessible Education”

Chatbot support for people with disabilities

The Open University is creating a chatbot to support people with disabilities. ADMINS aims to solve the barriers to independent living caused by online forms and administrative processes.

The Virtual Microscope

The virtual Microscope enables people to view geological samples online. This animation was constructed by creating an illustration of a volcano in Adobe Illustrator. I then created the sprite offset in Illustrator so that my artwork resembled an ‘old school’ 35mm film strip of 8 frames. I worked out the CSS3 animation properties on paper. … Continue reading “The Virtual Microscope”

Card design for Our Journey

An early design for the cards on the developing Our Journey project. The card will contain mandatory and discretionary fields. This version of the design shows a flip-style card enabling both sides to contain content – a summary facing side and more in-depth information on the ‘reverse’ side. This design may not make it beyond … Continue reading “Card design for Our Journey”

Preparing for REF 21

I was approached by the Institute of Educational Technology to produce a series of posters as they prepare their case studies for the REF 2021.

A logo for AIR

The Academic Information Repository (AIR) was developed as a by-product of the recent re-development of the website for the Institute of Educational Technology (IET). We recognised that to put the user at the centre was to provide a frictionless method for users to manage their content. One of the challenges in developing web sites when … Continue reading “A logo for AIR”

Can crypto–currency methods be appropriated to enhance online learning?

I was made aware of Bitcoin whilst working with Max Keiser – I assisted Stacy and Max on their web site and other projects between 2003 and 2012. The thought of creating a parallel currency – one not bound by the questionable practices of central banks appealed to me and I read all that I … Continue reading “Can crypto–currency methods be appropriated to enhance online learning?”

Snakes and Ladders – for social networking

Snakes and Ladders of Social Networking is a board game initially conceived Dr Anne Grand and Helen Dooley. Along with Prof. Rick Holliman, they found that the intimacy and well-understood etiquette of a board game – taking turns, moving forward, conversation, all promoted a related and rich discussion which they were able to harness as … Continue reading “Snakes and Ladders – for social networking”

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