Planet stripped bare

When Dr Guy Davies contacted me I felt a rush of excitement. The asteroseismoloists at the University of Birmingham tend to deal in the stuff of science fiction – except that they are in the process of turning it into fact, well, providing their hypothesis proves to be fact! Guy informed me that he had … Continue reading “Planet stripped bare”

Can crypto–currency methods be appropriated to enhance online learning?

I was made aware of Bitcoin whilst working with Max Keiser – I assisted Stacy and Max on their web site and other projects between 2003 and 2012. The thought of creating a parallel currency – one not bound by the questionable practices of central banks appealed to me and I read all that I … Continue reading “Can crypto–currency methods be appropriated to enhance online learning?”

Snakes and Ladders – for social networking

Snakes and Ladders of Social Networking is a board game initially conceived Dr Anne Grand and Helen Dooley. Along with Prof. Rick Holliman, they found that the intimacy and well-understood etiquette of a board game – taking turns, moving forward, conversation, all promoted a related and rich discussion which they were able to harness as … Continue reading “Snakes and Ladders – for social networking”


The Kepler-444 system is a star estimated to be 11.2 billion years old. In 2015 the Kepler spacecraft detected the presence of five exoplanets orbiting the star.

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